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There is no limit to the number of repetitive components that can be manufactured in a production run. The goal with production runs is to produce a quality product, to specification, in the quickest and most efficient manner.

With our advanced software we can utilise techniques such as dynamic milling and tool path optimisation to ensure cost effective and competitive production.


For many engineering companies the manufacture of one-off components is not service they offer because either their operation is geared solely for production runs or they don’t have the supporting software to allow for the efficient programming required to produce one-off components. Whilst the one-off component will always be more expensive to manufacture, our machinery and supporting software allows us to manufacture at affordable rates others are unable to offer.


Bring us a component you want manufactured and we can measure and program that item with our software which then allows us to produce an exact replica. (please note; with some items this may not be possible due to patent protection)


We offer a mold manufacturing service in 2D and 3D shapes for the pressing of alloys and sheet metal and the laying up of composite materials.


Developing can be expensive and time consuming. We understand what it takes and have worked on the development of many new products. We will contract to prototype new products or will, in some circumstances, consider a joint venture to spread the clients risk and upfront costs.


We can design improved, stronger, lighter and in some cases more efficient products and computer model in 3D form.


We can engrave all types of shapes, designs and logos including very fine engraving. We are able engrave items up to 1200×700 and our high speed spindle combined with our continuous coolant system produces a finish superior to that available on traditional open engraving machines.


Having trouble with repetitive breakages of certain components in your machinery? We are able to look at ways to improve the troublesome component by redesigning it to be stronger or changing the material it is made from, therefore saving time and money through lost production.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]