There is a general confusion prevailing in the audio industry each one claiming more output power than the other. Peak Music Power outputs powers of more than 7000 watts are claimed. These ratings are baffling to the general public as the salesmen normally contend and contest that it is that actual power their systems handle. Half baked sales men do talk as they like but it is unfortunate that the reputed manufacturers fell into this bandwagon. Public are falling head downwards with a kind of a personal prestige value, as usual with false figures.

A simple mathematical calculation shows that to achieve 7000 watts of power with 12 V power supply would need approximately 583 amperes. Think of the transformer, rectifiers and other components to handle this power. When one opens insides of the gadgets, takes one look at the ICs used, it will be surprising that the actual RMS powers fall into single digits. A television in a normal living room is used with less than 1 W of audio power. I laughed at the claims of audio system manufacturers who rated their systems at about 400W of PMPO, where the IC inside can hardly drive 6W. I am sure they would never be able to prove these hefty power ratings even in their laboratory conditions, let alone in normal domestic circumstances. I contend that we live in wilderness.

Please also note that simply by using higher wattage speakers, your out puts will not increase. As a matter of fact, delivered acoustic power may drop appreciably.